A survival card game that has actual strategy needed to win.

Designed to be played several times without being bored.

zombie cards

How to play Zombie Castle

weapons and items cards

Collect supplies and weapons to survive in the castle.

traps and zombies

Fight against zombies and avoid deadly traps.

cards used to sabotage other players

Sabotage and eliminate other players to increase your chances of winning.

heart cards

Survive against zombies or lose your heart cards. Once you lose 3 hearts you are out of the game.

The last player alive wins.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try our card game and if you don't like it, we will refund you no questions asked. Just send us an email.

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Zombie Castle Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Zombie Castle different from other survival card games?

Here are the main things that sets us apart:

Constant action - Zombie Castle has a trap deck that players must draw from every turn. This means there is always something going on and there won't be any boring turns where nothing happens.

Actual strategy - There are a lot of action cards that have 2 abilities to choose from. Players will get rewarded for choosing the right ability during the right time. There are also many situations where you will need to think ahead to gain an advantage.

Unique cards - We created "danger cards" that hurt a players chances of winning if they are forced to expose it. This creates an additional fun way to sabotage other players.

Is it really risk free?

Yes. If you don't like our game just email support@ayechbecardgames.com within 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Can I play this game a lot without getting tired of it?

Yes! When we created this game we didn't want it to be a game where you play a few times and then leave it to collect dust. Each box has 150+ cards so there's a lot of different situations that will happen every time you play.

We also added action cards that have 2 choices to pick from. This creates more variety when playing and makes every game interesting.

How long does it take to learn how to play?

Around 3-5 minutes to learn the rules.

Can I play with more than 7 players?

1 box is designed to be played with 2-7 players. If you want to add more players you will need to add another box.

Will my friends and family like this game?

We had plenty of play tests when developing this game and everyone from kids to adults had a blast playing it.

If you enjoy survival strategy games that are easy to learn, aren't too complicated and enjoy messing with other players to win you should definitely try this game out.


  • Great game

    “I got this as a gift for my family and it was a hit during game night.” – Brian S.

  • Pleasantly surprised!

    "They weren't lying when they said there's actual strategy needed to win.” – Jane P.

  • Never a boring turn

    “The trap deck is a game changer. The game is fun from start to finish". - Bill H

About us

We're a small team that played card games throughout high school and wanted to bring one to life. We recently saw our old friends again and realized how nice it is to hang out in person and not through our phones.

Card games are a great way to bring everyone together, but some games are too complicated and take too long to finish or are only fun for the first couple of plays.

This motivated us to create Zombie Castle, a card game that can be played by everyone over and over again. We hope to bring friends and families together to have a fun game night.